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Radon is a decay product of Uranium and is a gas that is emitted from decaying Uranium in the ground.  Uranium is everywhere in the earths soils with areas of higher concentrations.  Illinois and particular the Midwest has one of the highest concentrations of radon gas in the USA.  Why radon gas is so unhealthy for a human body is because once introduced into the air, radon gas decays pretty fast releasing energy in the forms of alpha, beta and gamma rays.  This energy (atoms) that are released into the air are tiny but very destructive.  Alpha particles are the biggest of the three and are the most destructive, they can penetrate a piece of paper and put dents in plastic.  Beta particles are smaller but move a lot faster, they can pass thru human flesh, and a thin sheet of aluminum.  These little guys cause all the health problems when they are inhaled and then decay in your lungs.  It is like tiny bombs going off in your lungs and the outcome is lung cancer to someone who has been exposed to excessive levels of the radon gas.  This gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the USA behind smokers.  

*Radon is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer in the USA.

*Radon is a decay product of the highly radioactive element Uranium.

Radon gas is lighter than air so it rises through the ground via the easiest access points and rises through the air until it is completely decayed.  Usually the easiest access for radon gas to escape into the air is through homes.  This is because when a home has a forced air heating and cooling system in operation it creates a “negative pressure” vacuum.  Which creates a vacuum effect sucking air from the weak spots in the home, usually from the cracks and openings in the basements foundation. So a radon mitigation system creates that same vacuum effect but is started under the basement floor and is sucked through a 4” pipe out through the roof of the home via an “exhaust fan.”  

* A home acts as a vacuum sucking in air through weak spots in a home

* A mitigation systems creates that same vacuum effect but exhausts air thru the roof

In residential real estate transactions, there is a legally binding contract if a radon test is done and comes back above 4.0 pci/l for the seller to install a mitigation system on the home.  These systems usually range from $1,000 - $3,000.  A radon tests needs to be done for a minimum of 48 hours to get an accurate measurement of the radon present. Our testing equipment to be used is specified by the USEPA and all test results and equipment used are sent to the USEPA at the end of each year.

* Mitigation systems are installed by the seller in real estate  transactions.

* Mitigation systems usually run on average about $,1,000 - $3,000.

Radon enters home from basement radon's alpa particles cause damage to lungs sources of radon Radon causes a fair amount of deaths each year