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*Radon is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer behind smoking

*It's estimate around 21,000 people die from radon induced lung cancer per year.

*Some radon studies link radon exposure to childhood lukemia

*Radon is everywhere, levels just build up inside buildings, especially in the lower levels.

*Radon is a tasteless, odorless, colorless noble gas.

*Radon testing is not mandatory in Illinios, but has been in the pipeline and could be one day.

*The only way to know what your radon levels are to test, either from a professional, a DIY mail in kit or digital monitor.

*Radon fluctuates daily/weekly/yearly but is mostly dictated by the sub slab soil then the barometric pressure.

Get a FREE DIY Test Kit

Inspect IT Chicago has teamed up with Raising Awareness Foundation to donate free DIY radon test kits.

Note:  These test kits are for personal use and not for use in real estate transactions!

What Radon looks like if it was visible.


We work with seller, buyers, real estate agents, lawyers, management agencies and builders. We are licensed to install commercial & residential Radon Mitigation systems, residential radon testing, interior, exterior and thru garage attic; passive system activations, crawlspace encapsualtion (moisture barrier); sump pump and battery back up pump installations and custom sump pump lids.

Sump Lid.jpg

Battery Back up Sump Pumps

Sump pumps and radon go hand in hand.. We install both sump pumps and battery back up pumps.

Custom Sump Pump Lids

Every system we install gets a custom sump lid that is easily removeable and accessible when needed. No one else installs thier sump lids like us!


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Request a RADON TESTING Quote

We do not use your info to sell, send newsletters or any other online marketing crapola:)

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TESTIMONIALS -Over 300 5-star online reviews

"They took the time to thoroughly explain how radon encroaches into a home and how their remediation resolves that. They responded to our query quickly, provided prompt service, were very quick and comprehensive with their installation, and also did a neat/tidy job. Most importantly our levels dropped from 12-14 to sub 1 in two days exactly as they assured us (we have a large home with a finished basement where two samples were required). We highly recommend them."

PAUL S. - 9/1/22 

"WOW!!! I am so pleased with the job Inspect It Chicago did in my home. I called on Monday, and they got me in for a radon mitigation install 3 days later. Steve and his crew were very professional, and a delight to work with. The entire job took only 2.5 hours, and my radon levels dropped from 14 to 0.7 within 24 hours of the installation. The price was right too, as I had received higher quotes, from other mitigation companies. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company. Thanks, for all your help and hard work!!!"

MICHELLE G. - 1/3/22

The guys did a great job installing the mitigation system. Their price was about $100 higher than another company, but they were able to schedule me much sooner and got the job done in about two hours; sometimes you get what you pay for and when it comes to the health and safety of your family, don't be a cheapskate! When I hired another company to test radon after the installation the living room when from 4.2 to undetectable and the basement went from 7 down to 1. I definitely recommend this company for radon mitigation

Jonathon C. 7/25/21 

"I've actually had Inspect It install 3 different systems for my homes in the last year. They are professional and use top of the line equipment in there installations. Their installation techniques are the very best. They have successfully mitigated extreme levels to near non existent levels in all 3 instances. I recommend them whenever possible. Top notch. The owner is very experienced and fully understands the science as exemplified in their suscesses I've experienced. A++"
Michael C. 


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